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Rebecca, 19, New Zealand, Cool person.

I am a first year university student from Middle Earth who loves receiving mail that isn't bills, Reading, The Hobbit, Richard Armitage, crafts, owls, Disney movies, Doctor Who, Game of Thrones, Sherlock, Singing, Period dramas, costumes, photography, art ... and MOVIES if you haven't guessed already.If I want to wind down and relax I generally stuff my face with whatever is in the cupboards and watch a bit of Modern Family or Big Bang Theory to unzombify me.
Also I want everyone to feel free to message me about anything, even if you just want to rant about something, to going all fan-crazy about something we have in common ;)

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i think i want to see a cartoon about these guys

Omg.. The way the cat slows down to allow the bun to catch up, probably because it knows how much the bun likes to stop and look at stuff



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Dean Winchester Meme || Reoccurring Themes [3/4]

↳ Winchester Logic

josephine skriver in “some enchanted evening”, photographed by yelena yemchuck for uk harper’s bazaar dec. 2012

josephine skriver in “some enchanted evening”, photographed by yelena yemchuck for uk harper’s bazaar dec. 2012

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Friends talking outside the church:

"Whose the best man? He is very hot!"

"Is he single?"

"That’s that detective guy, the dead one."


"You know the one that was framed, faked his death and then came back and cleared his name. That guy."

"Sherlock Holmes?"


"That’s the best man? Sherlock Holmes?"

"Oh my God!! Mary’s John Watson is THAT John Watson?"

"No, can’t be. Mary’s John is a doctor"

"Right…Doctor John Watson, Dr Watson and Sherlock Holmes."

"Oh shit. I had no idea."

"Weren’t they….gay?"

"The tabloids certainly painted them as together. Like ‘gay’ together."

"They were a couple. I remember reading it in the Daily Mail.”

"He’s marrying MARY. Our Mary. Does she know?"

"She has to know."

"We need to speak to her."

"On her wedding day? Oh yeah; ‘hey Mary do you know that the groom and best man were a prominent gay couple?’ Yeah right, that’s what she wants to hear as she’s just made her vows."

"Have you seen the way they look at each other?"

"Who? Mary and John?"

"No!! Bloody Sherlock Holmes and John."


"It did strike me a bit odd. Gazing at each other."

"When Mary isn’t looking John looks sad."

"Holmes looks either furious or bored."

"He’s smiling a bit."

"He is handsome. In that suit he looks gorgeous."

"Wonder what his speech will be like?"

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And when you left you kissed my lips…

The Queen was beautiful and terrifying all at once. Her features were severe, her hair black as onyx, her eyes piercing and ice-cold. Perhaps once, long time ago, she had been an innocent young maiden herself, the fairest of the land, but now all could see that hatred and bitterness had pulled the warmth from her face. Snow had known her for a very long time, and every time she saw her, the Queen had become more embittered. Snow didn’t understand how one person could  h  a  t  e  so much.





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These photographs, by New York-based Bing Wright, feature reflections of sunsets in shattered mirrors.


Oh man. I was wondering if those were stained glass at first. O_o So gorgeous!